Welcome to Little Less Known...


Welcome and thanks for making your way over to check out the Little Less Known website.

Ben here, taking this opportunity to tell you a bit about what Little Less Known is and how it all started...

It was the start of summer 2014, Scott had graduated with a music production degree and myself, a Masters in film. Feeling fresh and free from the academic structure we had been used to for the past 15 years, we were looking for the next creative path to wander down.  We talked on many occasions about how we wanted to combine our creative passions to produce something that would both challenge and inspire us, as well as having a good laugh along the way.  Over the next few weeks, we put together the skeletal foundations of what would become Little Less Known.

After several coffees and a handful of pints worth of further planning and discussion, we joined forces with our good friend Sandy (we celebrated with a few more pints). Think of him as the Spock to our James T. Kirk or the Zordon to our Power Rangers (apologies for my geeky metaphors). With Sandy on board, the dream team was complete and we set to work planning the launch of Little Less Known.

Great! - But what is Little Less Known?...

Scott, Sandy and I have each lived and worked in London and we were fascinated by the boom in quality independent businesses and quirky places popping up in and around the capital. With this influx of creative start-ups and initiatives came the culture of high quality documentary content in the form of lifestyle blogs and "vlogs."  The demand for this form of informative entertainment grew and grew and there now exists a vast creative community of very talented individuals who produce work that we admire and take inspiration from, however this exciting community thrives mainly in London and less so throughout the rest of the UK.  We wanted to change that.

Little Less Known exists to champion some of the best independent business, organisations and talented individuals. Our goal is to help them achieve wider recognition for their work!  Whether its your quirky local cafe or the talented poet from next door, we want to produce high-quality content for your viewing pleasure. And who knows, maybe you'll end up wanting to visit the places we've seen and the people we've met along the way. Let us be your introduction.

At the end of the day though, Little Less Known isn't about us, it's about creating a community.  A place to discover, enjoy and admire those hidden gems right on your doorstep and beyond.

We invite you to join us and help make the Little Less Known, known!