Ground Control to Major Tom's...

Major Tom's Social - Harrogate

In a town full to the brim with bars, cafes and restaurants, Harrogate has waited a long time for some variety and Major Tom’s Social definitely delivers. With an abundance of chipboard, miss-match furniture and retro-vintage memorabilia, this bar is unlike any other that you’ll find in the local area and its for this reason that I think Major Tom’s has become such a hit amongst people of all ages from Harrogate and beyond.


The brainchild of co-founders Toby and Lee, Major Tom’s is like a trendy crèche for adults, with a vast collection of great beers, freshly ground locally sourced coffee, tasty stone-baked pizza and an impressive array of classic and quirky board games to help you lose track of time. (LLK TIP: We recommend a game of ‘Pucket’, but be warned, it gets intense…really intense.)


Sat within the walls of a former Victorian ballroom, Major Tom’s, much like its clientele, is full of character. Everything within the bar has an interesting story behind it, whether it’s a stack of classic magazines from the 70’s, the fully-working Sega Mega Drive sat in the corner or the hessian sack cushions that were hand sewn by Toby’s own mother!


This establishment has been built by friends and family for friends and family.

The furniture that resides in the bar is a perfect example of this. It was not long ago that one of the many charming table tops was a tree sat in a friends garden waiting to be felled, sawed, sanded and polished to provide a sturdy spot to place your beer. Even some of the chairs were acquired from another friend’s bar in exchange for helping them out with staff on a few busy shifts.


Major Tom’s Social isn’t just about music, beer, food and nostalgia (although it is brilliant for all of those things!), they also work hard to raise much needed funds for local charity Music and Arts Production who provide courses in art, design and music production for young people who have difficulties accessing mainstream education. Money is raised by hosting live events at Major Tom’s as well as the sale of original prints produced by Hope House Prints who are based in Leeds.


There’s an effortless chilled vibe about Major Tom’s that makes you feel that you’re knocking back a few beers at your mate’s house. The eclectic music is loud enough to create an atmosphere but quiet enough to have a decent conversation without having to shout…unless its Pucket. (You’ll probably be shouting during a game of Pucket.)


Since its arrival in Harrogate, Major Tom’s Social has successfully established itself as the ‘go to’ place for a good drink with good company, but don’t just take my word for it, come and check this place out for yourselves!