A Not So Empty Vessel

So…it’s been a while.

The Little Less Known blog, which we started with so much enthusiasm, has been neglected over the past few months. We always intended for these pages to expand on the stories in our episodes, or to discuss interesting aspects from our filming days. However, more recently, we’ve found ourselves solely focusing on the visual representation of Little Less Known. And so the words have been forgotten.

Today we want to make up for lost time.

The past few weeks have been an exciting period for Little Less Known. It seems more and more people are coming across our episodes, and businesses across the country are getting in touch to enquire about our services. For three guys with a camera, we’re incredibly proud of the positive feedback we’ve received across all our work.

With that in mind, today marks the start of a new chapter for LLK.

A few months ago, on a bit of a whim, Ben filled out an application form for a new online video platform. Always looking for new avenues to promote our content, we thought we may as well give it a go. One of the exciting features about this platform is that they curate all their content, so they’re looking for the best of the best. Getting accepted would mean we’d be part of an exclusive club and rubbing shoulders with some of the big YouTubers who have also decided to join.

One successful application, several skype calls and many many emails later, we’re thrilled to announce that today, Little Less Known will be launching on Vessel. (Catch our announcement vid here).

Why are we excited about this?

Essentially, Vessel levels the playing field in creative content. It’s not about view counts or subscriber numbers but high quality, entertaining content. There’s no prejudice or preference towards any one type of creator either, so joining the Vessel family is a fantastic opportunity to reach a wider audience.  

You’ll still find all our stuff in the usual places. We’ll be updating our website and YouTube channel as we’ve always done. The only difference is that our new episodes will be exclusively available on Vessel, one week before they are released elsewhere online.

Indeed, it’s this exclusivity that Vessel users pay for. It’s sort of like Netflix. For a few dollars a month you can be the first to watch videos from your favourite content creators that won’t be available on other platforms for a while.

Is it worth it? That’s for you to decide.

We’d like you to come join us over at Vessel. Try it out for a month. It’s free and you may find you quite enjoy the whole setup they have on Vessel.com. If not, then you can still sit back and enjoy our future episodes from the platform of your choice. No biggie.

That’s it for now; hopefully it won’t be as long again before we write our next one of these. 

But until then, take care and all the best.