Need a hand?

These days, visual content is too corporate. When you have start-ups attempting to disrupt established industries, or budding entrepreneurs risking it all to pursue their passion, you need something to reflect that excitement and creativity. 

Here at LLK, we pride ourselves on showcasing some of the best independents. But we're not the only ones working with them. Nowadays, there's investment platforms, supportive hubs and industry events that are all doing their bit to help them succeed and grow. 

Little Less Known is here to showcase those endeavors in the most impactful way possible. Our services go beyond the camera and editing suite, to help create the narrative and tell the stories you want the world to see.   

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Maybe we're a tad biased, but we think visual content is at the heart of every successful crowdfunding proposal. Fact, figures and due diligence come later. First you have to sell investors your story and for that a high quality video is priceless. We can cater to all your creative needs and ensure you're all set up to get your campaign the video it deserves.  

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Hubs & Accelerators

Show-off your melting pot of ideas and talent with regular content for your website and social media. New additions, noteworthy accomplishments, successful funding, there's a video for every occasion and we're here to make it happen. If you're looking for that long-term, regular input that we just love to offer, we might even give you a better deal...

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Social Engagement

Food week? Business month? Tech Tuesday? You've created the event, confirmed the sponsors, signed up the delegates. What you've forgotten to do is sort out some kick-ass visual content that will be the ultimate testimonial for your event. Words and pictures just won't capture the vibe of your event. Fortunately we can be on hand to sort that out - vibes and all.