Ben Richards


Ben has a background in theatre and film and an all round love for art.  When he's not filming or editing you'll find him with a good coffee, good music and 9 times out of 10 on his laptop doing something creative. Graphics work and film are hobbies for him, hopefully that shows in our videos.  Luckily we edit out his awful Dad jokes...

Scott Quinn


Scott is a music producer and wannabe film maker with a passion for creating high quality content and puns…he really likes puns. When he’s not filming the next episode of LLK or editing the audio from the last one, he enjoys going for long runs in the countryside and writing about himself in the third person. 

Sandy Wright


Yorkshire-born and London-based, Sandy completes the LLK trio. He coordinates the team’s efforts, trying (but more often failing) to manage the creative minds of Scott and Ben. When he’s not working on the latest project, you might find him playing doctor somewhere in the capital. It’s okay though; he’s a medical student...we think.